About NBD Strains

Since obtaining the hash plant known as NBD in the medical days from a friend and veteran that served over seas in Afghanistan. We decided to cross it with our favorite Exotic genetix strains to see what happened. The results have been outstanding! It is our absolute pleasure to have a reserve line of Subdued OG and ‘Merica available on select shelves later this year


Our perfected, cold soaked, triple filtered solution that has been extracted through our state of the art Colorado extractor & then processed through our short path system. Nothing is added and no chemical process is done giving the consumer 100% natural flavored, unbleached, no additives added distillate. The only part of our processing that is not done in house is our testing. But we love and work closely with the accredited Praxis Labatories for all our testing needs!


Our tried and true triple filtered, full plant extract, learned from the man Rick Simpson himself. It is derived from our home grown all natural KNF plants to give you all the best healing components these plants have to offer. Onsite production means the best quality for our consumers. We can be sure that our plants are pesticide free & all natural KNF grown as well as ensuring only food grade alcohol is used. It is always triple filtered, creating consistent results of high quality RSO.


100% of our cannabis comes from exotic genetix. It is started from the seed and grown indoors until it is ready for our large open bottom fabric pots. Using organic & 100% vegan synergy compost tea and the time tested KNF farming techniques. Note- we never have used artificial nutrients or fertilizers grown outside sustaining in a garden that is beyond organic. We recently started perfecting the KNF way of growing into a productive high end indoor garden that will be our top of the line bud for your consumption.
Disclaimer: Winterized Crude can be created upon request (please email us directy).
No Bad Days recreational cannabis oil undergoes rigorous testing by Washington State certified labs. To know about prices for wholesale, email us directly at

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