Clean | Organic | Cutting Edge

Clean | Organic | Cutting Edge


We are a small family-owned ranch in Puget Sound. We grow and produce clean, organic, and cutting edge recreational cannabis.

Carlos Mullen
Title: President of Operations

Served as an E5 in the united states infantry from 2006 to 2014. Retiring for medical reasons after injuries he sustained from an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2009. Having a complicated recovery and a hard time reintegrating, a year he retired he sought out cannabis for healing. Cannabis allowed him to Slowly wean off over 10 different prescriptions to give himself a more productive, happier lifestyle. Turning himself into a success story he wanted the same for other veterans. It was an instant connection in 2018 with NBD, for our like-mindedness towards cannabis, wanting to do good for veterans, and our love for the good ol’ U.S.A.

Jesus Salazar AKA Zeus
Title: Master Grower

Zeus has been a long-time friend of the NBD family. He’s been in the Cannabis industry going on ten years, with extensive gardening background. For the last three years he has been developing the KNF techniques & learning the ins and outs of the Lab. 2018, His proudest year for successfully growing 10 foot behemoth plants solely on KNF and compost tea, never needing the use on artificial nutrients, fertilizers, or pesticides, producing our largest yield to date! Being an avid bowler, he helped our Cannabis bowling league win first place in 2019. A damn good part of our NBD family and a vital member of our team.


100% of our cannabis comes from Exotic Genetix. We also have Merica and Subdued OG under our own strain line.


Our cannabis is grown using 100% vegan and organic Synergy compost tea and time-tested KNF techniques.


Though we started out as just growers, we have always sought to master more than one craft. Our objective being to seamlessly go from garden, to lab, to store shelves. This gives us the privilege to say we 100% know exactly how our product was created from start to finish which provides our customer with an unmatched product guarantee. With the help of multiple friends, labs, and lab techs, we have developed our extraction, using food grade ethanol, taken down to negative 80 degrees Celsius. We then process the product through our state of the art equipment from Colorado Extraction and High Five Labs. Turning our KNF grown synergy enriched flower into one of a kind pure RSO and distillate version of home grown freedom. 

HomeGrown freedom

We love this country and we believe there is nowhere else like it. We pride ourselves on producing the best quality cannabis for all your needs, especially for our veterans.

We love our veterans but due to state regulations we can not discount cannabis directly but we can on cbd’s and apparel.

Come home to No Bad Days Ranch.

Enjoy the taste of
homegrown freedom.